Open data, format specification

Title Description Type Example
asn Autonomous system number. Numeric 203208
cat_technology Technology category of the network, e.g. “3G”, “4G”, “WLAN”. String LAN
client_version Software version number of the client. String 0.9.0
download_kbit The download-speed in kilobit per second. Numeric 15500
implausible Identification of implausible test results. Boolean false
ip_anonym The anonymized IP-Address of the client. String 185.68.212
lat Latitude of the client position. Numeric 50.2029024
loc_accuracy Estimation of accuracy of client location. Numeric 3766
loc_src Source for the geo location-data. Valuse: “gps”, “network”. String network
long Longitude of the client position. Numeric 17.3967841
lte_rsrp LTE signal strength in dBm. Numeric -75
lte_rsrq LTE signal quality in decibels. Numeric -8
model Name of the device used. String Chrome
nat_type Type of connection in terms of NAT and IP-Version (e.g. behind NAT with local to public IP and IPv4). String nat_local_to_public_ipv4
ndt_download_kbit Download speed in the NDT-test in kilobit per second. Numeric 51343
ndt_upload_kbit Upload speed in the NDT-test in kilobit per second. Numeric 12335
network_mcc_mnc Network identification, first three digits represent the country, the following digits represent the mobile network provider within that country. String 111-11
network_name Display name of the mobile network. String CTU CZ
network_type Type of the network, e.g. MOBILE, LAN, WLAN. String LTE
num_threads Number of threads used for the downlink test. Numeric 3
open_test_uuid Open-Test-UUID: The UUID of the Test. String O10b9e85c-d47a-3428-b3fe-82ef24e8c6fe
open_uuid Open-UUID: Identifies the client that conducted the test. The a new Open-UUID is assigned to the client on a regular basis. String Pa18046c3-cfce-357a-a3d0-062467c8a32c
ping_ms Median ping (round-trip time) in milliseconds, measured on the server side. Numeric 15.189354
pinned True, if if the test is relevant for generating the statistics (e.g. not part of a series). Boolean true
platform Platform on which the test has been conducted. E.g. “Android” (= Google Android App), “iOS” (= Apple iOs App). String Android
server_name Name of the test-server. String ČTÚ
sim_mcc_mnc Network identification of the SIM provider. The digits of MCC and MNC have the same meaning as described in “network_mcc_mnc”. String 111-11
test_duration Duration of the test per direction (up- or download) in seconds. Numeric 15.189354
time_utc UTC date and time when test was started. String 2021-09-10 02:55
upload_kbit Upload speed in kilobit per second. Numeric 5500